Choosing the wrong PPE can compromise your team’s safety

Choosing the wrong PPE can compromise your team’s safety

Read our guide on the 7 things you might not have considered when choosing
Arc Flash clothing and make an informed decision today.

What’s Inside?

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing and specifying the right PPE for your team. We highlight some of the areas where you might not have given as much thought to help you make the best-informed decision for everyone involved.


Find out why all layers of clothing need to be considered when protecting against Arc Flash and the serious consequences that come from compromising protection.

FR vs. Arc Flash Clothing

With all the different safety standards surrounding safety clothing it can be confusing understanding the extent to which each standard covers in terms of protection. We outline how Arc Flash clothing differs to FR garments and the reasons why.

Inherent vs. Treated Fabric

Not all Arc Flash clothing is made using the same fabric types, we help you identify the difference between inherent and treated fabrics so you’re up to speed with the clothing choices available to you.