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We would be amazed if it wasn’t on every business’s website that they provide excellent customer service. But how do we make that real at ProGARM, rather than the empty promise we all see so often, that regularly fails to materialise?

In truth you will only truly know when you’ve experienced how we support you for yourself. If you’ve not spoken to us yet, take a look at how we consistently keep our promises to you.


We make it our business to know your business. We employ an experienced team to offer our clients technical knowledge and expertise across key and hazardous industry sectors.

ProGARM isn’t just a business that sells PPE and clothing. As a specialist in Arc Flash and Flame Resistant clothing we understand the specific situations your teams face. Our team of Arc Flash garment experts can discuss the obligations placed on you and your business by guidance such as:
HSG 47 – Avoiding danger from underground services.
HSG 85 – Electricity at work: Safe working practices

Arc Flash and Flame Resistant clothing is used across a variety of industries, protecting the wearer from the thermal hazards of an Arc Flash and flash fire incident. Whether they work in utilities, power generation, industrial electrical, petrochemicals, rail or many other hazardous sectors, ProGARM’s range of Arc Flash clothing is designed to be protective and comfortable for all. However, we know that the hazards in one field may differ to the hazards in another.

At ProGARM, we make it easy to understand the EN Standards each of our Arc Flash garments conforms with. Our SafetyICON marking on every garment provides an accurate definition of the EN standards with which that garment has been accredited. These accreditations are summarised (along with a summary of the EN standard) in our product matrix on our website and in our brochure.

In addition, our team know our garments inside and out … literally. This means everyone can answer your questions about the Arc Flash and Flame Resistant innovations in our range of protective clothing with confidence. They are also able to discuss innovations such as our Lifetime Seam Guarantee and our superior colour fastness testing as well as product innovations like VXS+ fabrics, ThermSAFE components and SafetyICON marking.


Our customer support team are there to assist you, whether you want to know more about ProGARM, our range of garments or you are a customer with a query.

Never is our company ethos of “keeping our promises” in sharper relief than when we are working with customers. We set ourselves service level targets to make sure that we:

  • Respond quickly and efficiently
  • Provide access to knowledgeable specialists if that’s what you need
  • Take ownership of whatever we need to
  • Respond or provide the information required to timescales agreed with you
  • Keep you up-to-date with what’s happening
  • Have the right resources available and use the freedom the business allows us to keep our promises

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