Arc Flash Protection

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ProGARM safety wear is designed, manufactured and certified to the highest possible level to give you complete peace of mind that your workforce is protected against the hazards they face every day.

We protect lives by developing exceptional quality safety clothing inherent with Arc Flash and VXS+ Flame Resistant technology that lasts up to 70% longer than comparable garments. 

Each of our superior products is manufactured and tested to the highest levels as required by the EU and Health and Safety Executive to give your workers unrivalled confidence in hazardous environments. Our policy of continuous development also ensures garments are certified to the most recent standards, and in many cases exceed what is required. 

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Protection in Layers

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When safety overalls, polo shirts, jackets or sweatshirts inherent with Arc Flash protection are worn layered with other items from the same range, the protection level is increased as a result of the layered and insulating effect.

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Arc Flash testing

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Every item of work clothing in the ProGARM collection that offers Arc Flash protection is designed and tested to the Protective Clothing Against the Thermal Hazards of an Electric Arc standard. We use the Box Test and Open Arc Test to achieve this.

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CE Certification

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ProGARM products are fully compliant with the mandatory European Directive that regulates PPE products. This covers the function, marking, technical documentation and also the CE Certification process.

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Quality Assurance

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From spinner and weaver or knitter to garment manufacturer, the VXS+® Quality Assured Route guarantees a superior and safe finished article.

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EN Standards

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Every ProGARM product is certified and produced in accordance with certain European Standards that apply to the design, materials and performance after washing.

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