At ProGARM we know that you want the best possible Arc Flash and Flame Resistant protection for your team. Understandably you want that at the best price too. No-one wants to compromise on safety, but with ProGARM there’s no need to compromise on quality or durability either.

ProGARM’s range of protective clothing provides excellent value for money. With a lifespan up to 70% longer than other leading Arc Flash protection brands. This means less frequent investment in replacing worn out kit.

Quality materials and production methods matter when it comes to Arc Flash and Flame Resistant clothing. To deliver this, ProGARM is committed to quality assurance throughout our range. We utilise our unique VXS+ 100% inherent Fabrics to ensure the level of protection offered to your team.

Along with this, the ThermSAFE components incorporated into our garments increase their structuralProgarm Thermsafe integrity. Every stitch, button, popper and press-stud is Flame Resistant. So is the ThermSAFE Stretch Tape that enables ease of movement. In fact, we’re so confident in the structural seams of ProGARM garments that we offer a lifetime seam guarantee.

Garments that can withstand the rigors of daily use and provide protection from Arc Flash and fire incidents haven’t traditionally been the most comfortable to wear – but it’s been said that ProGARM garments are “as comfortable as pyjamas”!

ProGARM has taken giant leaps in design and production to develop quality protective garments that function brilliantly and feel great. Our garments deal with the fundamental aspects of safety and protection at the same time as being waterproof, warm and functional.  They also incorporate useful pockets, loops and design features that benefit the wearer every day. Not only this, but they are also remarkably durable too.

Durability begins with the fabric of a garment. 100% inherent fibres like our VXS+ Fabric ensure that the flame resistance doesn’t simply wash out of the clothing. It’s also vital that the hi vis qualities of the garment can withstand daily use too. We’ve tested the colour fastness and shrinkage of our garments through 50 test wash cycles.

It’s simple: ProGARM’s high quality Arc Flash and Flame Resistant garments provide excellent value for money. If you buy cheap products, they may perform for a short time but then require replacing earlier. However, ProGARM protective garments reap the benefits of superb Arc Flash and Flame Resistant protection for up to 70% longer.


ProGARM’s garments offer everything you might expect from workwear – plus a few extras.

Our garments are built to last. With a single-minded focus on the wearer, every aspect of our design and production processes have been developed to deliver the best in Arc Flash and Flame Resistant protection. This is along with great function, fit and comfort. So with comfortable garments that feel more like quality leisure garments rather than workwear, we’ve committed to a smooth production service that ensures consistent protection and traceability.

We’ve worked hard to conform to, and exceed, the strict regulations that govern the production of Arc Flash and Flame Resistant garments in the UK and EU. When you buy from ProGARM, you’re getting expertly crafted protective clothing that often far surpasses the standards required by law. You can be confident in ProGARM to deliver the level of protection your team needs in the unique environments of your industry.


With our European production model, you’re guaranteed speed, quality control and traceability. All ProGARM’s garments are manufactured in the EU, with strict internal controls on the quality of production, fabric and components. We know how important it is to be able to trace all aspects of a garment back through the production process. This allows us to identify any problem areas via our quality control procedures. ISO 9001 and our further Article 11B accreditation are recognition of the exacting standards which ProGARM sets in the delivery of the best Arc Flash and Flame Resistant protection.

To ensure safety in production, we actively seek to use OEKO-TEX approved suppliers in the production of our clothing. OEKO-TEX is an independent textile testing system that regulates the colourants and chemicals used in textiles, along with other safety considerations. Their test criteria surpass many national and international standards, resulting in enhanced safety protection and sustainable production.

ProGARM’s commitment to excellence doesn’t stop once a garment has been produced to high specifications and tested to high standards. We strive to continuously improve our garments with regular testing procedures, along with ongoing development and innovation built on the back of feedback from wearers. ProGARM will continue to set the standards in many areas of Arc Flash and Flame Resistant protection.


At the heart of any quality garment is exceptional materials and superb manufacturing processes.

VXS+ is the Fabric we use in all our Arc Flash and Flame Resistant garments because of its 100% inherentProgram VXS+ Inherent properties. We make sure that our range conforms to ISO9001, a certified quality management system. For ProGARM, this means our commitment to high quality garments, along with our efficient manufacturing processes, all adding up to an unparalleled customer experience.

ProGARM is also proud to be Article 11B certified.This requires all our business and production facilities to be externally audited and ensures full traceability and quality control throughout our processes. We take care to fulfil our commitment to superiority in Arc Flash and flame resistance by guaranteeing traceability from spinner to weaver or knitter to garment manufacturer.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop with the fabric. Every component used in a ProGARM garment is selected for its superiority. That’s why we’ve developed ThermSAFE components; a collection of high quality components that have been designed to withstand the extreme conditions of an Arc Flash incident. These combine with our VXS+ Fabric to create a superior protective garment.

We perform quality checks on our clothing throughout the production process. Each garment is not only produced to the highest specifications, but is also subject to rigorous quality assurance checks. That helps us fulfil our commitment to offer superior garments, every time.

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