Arc Flash garment testing

ProGARM Arc Flash clothing is rigorously tested to ensure it meets with international standards.

If your team works with electric hazards, you need to know that they are fully protected against the thermal pressures of an Arc Flash and flash fire incident. Arc Flash protection is governed by EN 61482-2, a European Standard that is associated with two common testing methods: the Open Arc Test Method and the Box Test Method.

The Open Arc Test Method generates results that correspond directly to your company’s Arc Flash Risk Assessments. This method gives a Calorific Value for each tested garment, expressed as an ATPV (Arc Flash Thermal Protection) or EBT (Energy Breakopen Threshold) value. This allows layered protection to be built up in a way that can be clearly demonstrated.

ProGARM Arc Flash garments are also tested to the Box Test Method. This is an established test in the European market and gives results of either 4KA (Class 1) or 7KA (Class 2).

At ProGARM, we remain committed to protecting your team. That’s why our Arc Flash and Flame Resistant clothing is tested to the highest thermal hazard standards, along with a range of other standards including those regulating durability and design. Our aim is to supply you with a complete protective garment to ensure your team’s safety.

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