EN standards for Arc Flash protection

Purchasing products which conform to EN Standards guarantees your team is protected.

Depending on which sector you operate in, the EN Standards that matter to your business may differ slightly if your industry requires Arc Flash clothing. However, it’s vital that you equip your team with protective clothing that conforms to IEC 61482. This is the international standard applicable to Arc Flash and flash fire hazard protection. All ProGARM Arc Flash garments are rigorously tested to the Open Arc and Box Arc methods, providing protection across our range.

EN ISO 11612 certified garments provide protection against heat and flame. This protects against hazards including radiant heat, convective heat and splatters of molten metal, although it is not a substitute for clothing made to withstand high temperatures for longer periods of time.

The specifications for each standard that ProGARM Arc Flash garments conform to are provided both on our website and in our brochure. You can be sure that you’re equipping your team with clothing designed to protect them in the field, whichever sector you operate in.

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EN 1149-5

The European Standard for garments that protect against electrostatic discharge in areas where there is a risk of explosion (ATEX Environments) such as petrochemical refineries and fuel distribution companies.

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The high visibility standard that applies to the rail industry in the UK and ensures rail workers on or near the trackside are sufficiently visible to trains or other traffic approaching at speed.

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EN 61482-2

Specifies requirements and test methods applicable to materials and garments for protective clothing worn by electrical workers to protect them against the thermal hazards of electric Arc.

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EN ISO 11611

ProGARM products are certified in accordance with this EN Standard to protect workers in welding processes by subjecting fabrics to a series of tests.

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EN ISO 20471

The international standard that specifies the requirements for hi vis clothing ensuring the wearer is more noticeable in hazardous situations during the day, as well as at night.

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EN ISO 14116

Clothing manufactured to this standard is made from flame retardant materials so that if the material comes into contact with a flame, it will only continue to burn for a limited amount of time. After removal from the flame, the material will stop burning.

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EN ISO 11612

The requirements apply to clothing intended for a wide range of application which offer limited flame spread and provide protection against various hazards including Radiant Heat, Convective Heat and splatters of Molten Metal.

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EN 13034

Garments manufactured in accordance with this EN Standard are suitable for use in environments where there may be a risk of chemical splashes but where a total chemical barrier is not required.

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EN 14404

This EN Standard relates to trousers and coveralls which offer kneepad pockets to protect the wearer when kneeling.

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EN 343

This EN Standard specifies the requirements and test methods for materials and the seams of protective clothing that has been designed to give protection against rain, snow, mist and ground moisture.

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