That’s why ProGARM clothing is designed by our own in-house, specialist team with the wearer’s comfort and their ability to undertake their job in mind.

While the first priority is protection, too often, PPE garments are rigid and uncomfortable. They’re designed to offer protection from Arc Flash and flash fire incidents without adequate thought to the other needs of the wearer, namely comfort and flexibility. ProGARM understands that a garment can be the ultimate in protection, but if your team does not feel comfortable wearing it, that protection level diminishes when they choose not to wear the garment correctly. Every feature of a protective garment must be designed for wearer comfort as well as protection.

Over the years, we’ve developed our Arc Flash clothing designs to maximise wearer comfort, both male and female. Even though our garments often receive 100% wearer approval in trials, we will always continue to innovate and find ways to improve our products.

Our unique VXS+ Fabric is breathable and soft to the touch. In fact, we’ve been told it’s as comfortable as wearing pyjamas! But the innovation doesn’t stop there. ThermSAFE components across our range ensure durable fastening solutions that are designed to withstand the extremes of an Arc Flash incident.

Along with this, we can manufacture bespoke Arc Flash and Flame Resistant garments so that your team can have the same outstanding protection and comfort in garments made to your specification. If you want to personalise our standard garments, then branding can also be provided in a manner that doesn’t threaten the level of protection provided by the Arc Flash and Flame Resistant protective garment.


One thing that we can guarantee is; if it doesn’t say ProGARM, it’s not ProGARM. Our brand stands for the ultimate in wearer protection, comfort and value for money through the quality and durability of our Arc Flash garments.

We can guarantee that you won’t find ProGARM’s exclusive designs anywhere else. We see it as flattery that ProGARM features and garments are regularly copied and sold as being as good as ProGARM. It’s up to you to make the judgement about which will provide the best protection for your team.

Designed by our own specialist in-house team, working on nothing but Arc Flash protection, only ProGARM Arc Flash garments use our unique VXS+ fabrics combined with ThermSAFE components. This creates the ultimate in Arc Flash and flash fire resistance.

Other manufacturers may claim their garments offer the same comfort and protection, but only ProGARM Arc Flash clothing has been subject to our stringent testing which is in addition to the required EN standard tests. Only ProGARM Arc Flash garments provide you with the fit and function to make us the first choice for your team.

With ProGARM, you’ll find unique Arc Flash clothing solutions that your team will enjoy wearing every day.


At ProGARM, we’re continuously innovating across our range of Arc Flash and Flame Resistant protective clothing.

You already know our Arc Flash garments deliver the ultimate protection from Arc Flash and flash fire incidents. They’re also incredibly comfortable and fitted with durable ThermSAFE components that perform in life-threatening situations. However, we know that just because a garment works brilliantly today, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t continually improve on it for the changing landscape of tomorrow.

Innovation is an integral aspect of everyday life at ProGARM. We continually review and improve our garments, not only to ensure they offer the best protection possible, but also to improve their comfort and function.

We know that we are innovating faster than any of our competitors – we are setting the benchmark and others are running to keep up. It means you get access to constantly evolving garments that keep everyone safe.

Small changes in how the garments are cut and constructed, together with new materials and technologies all combine to make a garment more comfortable and to fit better. Time after time we hear how a comfortable and well-designed Arc Flash garment will be worn more regularly and worn correctly. Only then can the garment deliver the Arc Flash protection the wearer needs, our top priority.

As well as improvements in fit (in response to feedback from wearers), we’re constantly improving the way our Arc Flash garments function. These are the practical features that we incorporate such as the location of pockets, loops for gas detectors and fleece inner cuffs on our waterproof outerwear.

It’s not only the thought to incorporate these features but the way they are added that makes a ProGARM garment stand out from the competition. Pockets that remain dry and that won’t snag, zips that are easy to open whilst wearing gloves and loops for belts and other equipment that won’t break or tear. This attention to detail differentiates a ProGARM Arc Flash garment – we go to the level of detail you would expect on a quality leisure garment, considerations that others don’t put into workwear.

As you can see, we listen and discover what alterations to our Arc Flash garments would make wearers’ lives easier. We’ve developed new ranges based on their suggestions, provided garments in a wider range of sizes and are always increasing the number of Arc Flash garments available in ladies’ sizes.

Even the smallest alteration to a garment can make a big impact on the wearer. At ProGARM, we refuse to overlook anything. When you purchase Arc Flash clothing from our range, you can be sure that you’re getting the latest in comfort, fit, function and of course protection.