Those wearing PPE are often publicly representing their business, and as such the garments they wear need to correctly reflect their brand, not only through quality but also colour and labelling. Often our customers have their own individual requirements for the Arc Flash garments they ask us to supply, requesting corporate colours and even to incorporate none standard features make garments more useful in the way their team go about their jobs.

As we have our own garment design and manufacturing facilities we are able to collaborate with our customers to generate garments bespoke in both colour and usage, ensuring end users are proud, comfortable and happy to wear their PPE with a cohesive look across the entire team.

Whatever our customers require we are happy to accommodate, delivering bespoke garments that are just as effective against Arc Flash and flash fire incidents. They’re also just as comfortable to wear and tested for their durability like our standard ranges. Our commitment to our clients doesn’t stop there though.

The ProGARM SafetyICON system will also be transferred on to bespoke garments. In that way, the calorific rating of the Arc Flash garment can immediately be identified in the field.

SafetyICON is a visual marker attached to garments that allows you to see what type of protection they offer. It’s easy to read and instantly recognisable, even on bespoke garments.

However, if you are looking to brand our standard range of Arc Flash garments, branding must be implemented in a way that doesn’t threaten the integrity of the garment and ensures compliance with the original CE certification. There are two ways we recommend achieving this with ProGARM clothing: FR Heat Transfers and FR Embroidery Threads.

FR Heat Transfers can provide an exact replication of your company logo using any Pantone colour, ensuring consistency across your workforce and business. Transfers are pre-ordered in bulk and we can apply them to your garments before dispatch using an industrial heat press. This is a simple and effective way of displaying your brand on Arc Flash clothing.

FR Embroidery Threads maintain the integrity and safety of our Arc Flash clothing. Standard threads of polyester blends can become a hazard when exposed to flame. They can burn, melt or drip, causing injury to the wearer in an Arc Flash or flash fire incident. This is especially dangerous when designs are heavily stitched. ProGARM recommends the use of Flame Resistant threads to maintain protection throughout the garment. We don’t do garment embroidery ourselves but this can be arranged through your distributor.


Finally, should you have individual team members that have unusual or specific size requirements we can make garments in standard designs or your specific bespoke designs for them.

In that way every member of your team will receive the same level of protection from wearing ProGARM Arc Flash garments.

So, if you need us to develop something different for your business don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01482 679600 or email sales@progarmcurrent.wpengine.com

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