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Washing a protective garment should never result in significant colour fade.

At ProGARM, we understand that high-visibility Arc Flash and Flame Resistant clothing must be colour fast as well as protective. Multiple laundry cycles should not remove the vivid colours necessary to keep your team visible while at work.

We’ve taken part in extensive product trials with end-users and laundry companies to ensure that our clothing can withstand multiple washes. Some of our woven fabrics have been test washed at 75ºC and tunnel dried at 150ºC for 5 minutes. EN11612, which governs protective clothing, requires tests to be carried out on garments after 5 laundry cycles. So, not only are we conforming to EN11612, we’re exceeding it by 45 washes to ensure the durability of ProGARM protective garments.

In addition, our top-selling VXS+ Fabric has been certified for 50 washes according to ISO15797. This international standard defines which textiles are suitable for industrial washing, which utilises industrial equipment and stronger detergents than domestic washing processes. Another example of ProGARM exceeding standards, rather than simply conforming to them.

We believe we produce the best performing protective clothing on the market. All our products have been tested and compared against our competitors to make certain that the ProGARM range remains at the cutting edge. We continue to innovate to improve the durability of our Arc Flash and Flame Resistant garments.

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