Quality assured Arc Flash protection

At the heart of any quality garment is exceptional materials and superb manufacturing processes.

VXS+ is the Fabric we use in all our Arc Flash and Flame Resistant garments because of its 100% inherent properties. We make sure that our range conforms to ISO9001, a certified quality management system. For ProGARM, this means our commitment to high quality garments, along with our efficient manufacturing processes, all adding up to an unparalleled customer experience.

ProGARM is also proud to be Article 11B certified.This requires all our business and production facilities to be externally audited and ensures full traceability and quality control throughout our processes. We take care to fulfil our commitment to superiority in Arc Flash and flame resistance by guaranteeing traceability from spinner to weaver or knitter to garment manufacturer.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop with the fabric. Every component used in a ProGARM garment is selected for its superiority. That’s why we’ve developed ThermSAFE components; a collection of high quality components that have been designed to withstand the extreme conditions of an Arc Flash incident. These combine with our VXS+ Fabric to create a superior protective garment.

We perform quality checks on our clothing throughout the production process. Each garment is not only produced to the highest specifications, but is also subject to rigorous quality assurance checks. That helps us fulfil our commitment to offer superior garments, every time.

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