Safety and Protection from Arc Flash


ProGARM delivers the ultimate Arc Flash and Flame Resistant protection for your team.

Program VXS+ InherentKeeping your team safe is the number one objective. That’s why ProGARM has developed a range of protective clothing that puts safety first. Our garments meet, and in many cases exceed, the relevant industry and EN standards, ensuring protection from Arc Flash incidents.

We protect your team with a variety of innovative design features that deliver unrivalled protection from Arc Flash and flame incidents. All our garments come with SafetyICON marking and ThermSAFE components, both of which were developed in-house here at ProGARM. The VXS+ Fabrics used in our protective garments are 100% inherent, providing durable Flame Resistant protection that won’t wash out.

In addition, layering ProGARM garments together provides increased protection from higher level Arc Flash and flash fire hazards. All our products conform to the European Directive regulating PPE and display the correct care labels to guarantee certification and traceability.

For more information on how we offer the ultimate in safety and protection, take a look in more detail at these areas

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Increased Safety Through Layers

When ProGARM Arc Flash garments are worn together they increase the level of protection against Arc Flash and flash fire incidents, so your team can combine protective outer layers with mid and base layers to achieve protection in layers.

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VXS+ Arc Flash Protection Fabrics

Arc Flash and Flame Resistant clothing manufactured using our unique VXS+ inherent fabrics offers improved durability, consistent protection and outstanding comfort that doesn’t wash out.

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ThermSAFE components on your Arc Flash garments

Every detail of your team’s workwear must be Arc Flash and Flame Resistant, so that’s why we use ThermSAFE components that have been approved and tested to last for the lifetime of the garment.

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Understand your Arc Flash protection with SafetyICON

Every single garment produced by ProGARM features SafetyICON, which is a marking system that allows you to visually check whether the correct garments are being worn, at a glance.

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ThermSAFE stretch tape on your Arc Flash garments

ThermSAFE Stretch Tape is an innovative feature on ProGARM Arc Flash and Flame Resistant workwear that is flexible, allows the wearer to achieve a full range of movement and provides the ultimate reassurance in the protective garments.

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