100% inherent Arc Flash protection

100% inherent is the phrase we use to assure customers that all our products are made from materials with inherent flash fire protection.

Program VXS+ InherentSome protective workwear is made from cotton that is treated with flame retardant chemicals to create flame resistance. With treated fabrics, that protection reduces over time as the garment is worn and washed. As untreated fibres burn easily, this exposes your team to flame hazards and increases the risk of injury.

Inherent fabrics are manufactured using yarns spun from inherently Flame Resistant fibres. That flame resistance is built in and will remain throughout the lifetime of the garment. The resistance never washes out.

100% inherent gives you peace of mind that every ProGARM garment is manufactured using our inherent VXS+ fabrics. Don’t put your team at risk by choosing anything less than 100% inherent fabrics every time.

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