ThermSAFE components on your Arc Flash garments

ProGARM is proud to make every millimetre of your garment as safe as possible.

Progarm Thermsafe

The ThermSAFE brand communicates that products are equipped with the highest quality components for protective workwear. It provides reassurance to you that your team is protected using some of the most innovative design features of Arc Flash and Flame Resistant clothing.

Your team’s workwear can be made from inherent fabrics and appear impenetrable. However, every detail of the garment needs to be Arc Flash and Flame Resistant. That’s why ProGARM uses ThermSAFE components to ensure the performance and protection of every garment we produce. ThermSAFE components have been safety approved and tested to last for the lifetime of the garment. Flame resistance is at the heart of every ProGARM product, from the seam thread up to the final finishing touches.

Zips and fastenings can be areas of vulnerability on protective workwear. ProGARM utilises ThermSAFE Zippers, ThermSAFE Poppers, ThermSAFE Buttons and ThermSAFE Velcro to provide a full range of fastening solutions that are fully Flame Resistant. ThermSAFE plastic zippers are military-grade, poppers and buttons are made using a special blend of polymers, tested to ensure resistance to heat. ThermSAFE Velcro has also been tested to ensure it functions correctly in Anti-Static environments.

Using the ThermSAFE brand of certified components, ProGARM products are the most advanced Flame Resistant workwear on the market. Our commitment to protection takes in every detail of every product we sell.

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