VXS+ 100% inherent Arc Flash protection fabrics

By manufacturing all ProGARM garments with our unique VXS+ inherent fabrics, we ensure they deliver durability, consistent protection and outstanding comfort.

In the past, many Flame Resistant garments have suffered from reduced protection over time. Through normal washing, treated fibres gradually lose their Flame Resistant properties. With that decreasing level of protection your team members will be at greater risk of injury.

Treating fabrics can also leave them stiff and uncomfortable. Worryingly we hear of operatives deciding to wash treated garments multiple times to make them more comfortable before wearing them. Alternatively, they choose to keep wearing their older garments which have become more comfortable over time. Both of these practices leave your team exposed to a greater risk of injury.


ProGARM ensures this isn’t the case with our unique 100% inherent VXS+ fabrics that offer superb protection for your team, as well as being durable and comfortable to wear.

Program VXS+ Inherent

VXS+ fabrics are manufactured with a combination of yarns which makes the garment inherently Flame Resistant. Compare VXS+ Fabrics with alternative fabrics and the differences are clear. As well as being 100% inherent, VXS+ fabrics make some of the most comfortable Arc Flash protective garments on the market. Through combining yarns in the manufacturing process, we can deliver fabrics that are flexible and comfortable, and from that create garments that are “as comfortable as pyjamas”.

As well as the ultimate protection, you also need garments that are durable. ProGARM garments are have been shown to last up to 70% longer than comparable garments used by our customers. Some non-ProGARM garments can also suffer from shrinkage and their colour fastness isn’t as resilient as it should be, resulting in faded high visibility workwear. VXS+ fabrics have been tested through more than 50 industrial washes to ensure the longevity of the garments. (The European standard only requires demonstrating colour fastness through 5 wash cycles.)

When you equip your team with ProGARM Arc Flash and Flame Resistant garments made from VXS+ Fabrics, you can be assured of durable protection and comfort that delivers protection throughout the life of the garment. That’s why every ProGARM garment is manufactured using VXS+ 100% inherent fabrics to offer the ultimate protection

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