As Arc flash specialists we have been able to focus on ensuring that our garments use the best components to provide the optimum balance of protection, comfort and quality. At ProGARM we have assessed, tested and trialed, fabrics and constructions to ensure that our garments are the best on the market, but we won’t stop there. We are committed to continuous improvement, always seeking out knowledge and skills to fulfil the needs of the future

What is the ProGARM difference? ProGARM products are the most advanced Flame Resistant workwear on the market. Our commitment to protection takes in every detail of every product we sell.


What if quality protective workwear could last up to 70% longer? With ProGARM, it can.

When you’re searching for Arc Flash and Flame Resistant clothing, you need to know that you’re paying for long-lasting protection that can stand up to the rigors of daily use. Cheaper ranges of clothing often use treated fibres instead of inherent fabrics. This means that the Arc Flash and Flame Resistant properties simply wash out of the garment. Thanks to the quality of our VXS+ Fabric and our exceptional manufacturing processes, ProGARM protects your team for longer.

VXS+ fabrics are manufactured with a combination of yarns which makes the garment inherently Flame Resistant. Compare VXS+ Fabrics with alternative fabrics and the differences are clear. As well as being 100% inherent, VXS+ fabrics make some of the most comfortable Arc Flash protective garments on the market. Through combining yarns in the manufacturing process, we can deliver fabrics that are flexible and comfortable, and from that create garments that are “as comfortable as pyjamas”.

As well as this, VXS+ blends of fabrics are proven to retain colour and shape more effectively than other products on the market. While treated fabrics are sensitive to detergents and more susceptible to colour changes, the dye processes of VXS+ blends combat this. The colour fastness, along with quick-dry and low shrinkage properties, in ProGARM garments is superior to those offered in non- VXS+ fabric ranges and ensures the longevity of our protective clothing range.

That’s not all. Quality ThermSAFE components add further protection as well as flexibility to our garments.

Your team’s workwear can be made from inherent fabrics and appear impenetrable. However, every detail of the garment needs to be Arc Flash and Flame Resistant. That’s why ProGARM uses ThermSAFE components to ensure the performance and protection of every garment we produce. ThermSAFE components have been safety approved and tested to last for the lifetime of the garment. Flame resistance is at the heart of every ProGARM product, from the seam thread up to the final finishing touches.

For instance, ThermSAFE Stretch Tape gives the protection required, as well as aiding the wearer’s movement. We strive to maintain comfort while not compromising on protection. Using the ThermSAFE brand of certified components,

Our clients frequently tell us how impressed they are by the durability of our garments. They comment not only on the structural integrity of the overall products, but also on the way we’ve combined long-lasting protection and comfort. We can test our garments in numerous different ways, but the true test comes when our clients put them through the daily rigors of industry. From the feedback we’ve received, the results are overwhelmingly positive.


Washing a protective garment should never result in significant colour fade.

At ProGARM, we understand that high-visibility Arc Flash and Flame Resistant clothing must be colour fast as well as protective. Multiple laundry cycles should not remove the vivid colours necessary to keep your team visible while at work.

We’ve taken part in extensive product trials with end-users and laundry companies to ensure that our clothing can withstand multiple washes. Some of our woven fabrics have been test washed at 75ºC and tunnel dried at 150ºC for 5 minutes. EN11612, which governs protective clothing, requires tests to be carried out on garments after 5 laundry cycles. So, not only are we conforming to EN11612, we’re exceeding it by 45 washes to ensure the durability of ProGARM protective garments.

In addition, our top-selling VXS+ Fabric has been certified for 50 washes according to ISO15797. This international standard defines which textiles are suitable for industrial washing, which utilises industrial equipment and stronger detergents than domestic washing processes. Another example of ProGARM exceeding standards, rather than simply conforming to them.

We believe we produce the best performing protective clothing on the market. All our products have been tested and compared against our competitors to make certain that the ProGARM range remains at the cutting edge. We continue to innovate to improve the durability of our Arc Flash and Flame Resistant garments.


The smallest stitches make the biggest difference.

With ProGARM garments, Arc Flash protection and flame resistance is delivered from the seams up. We use only the highest quality Flame Resistant threads in the structural seams to offer maximum protection. We’ve also identified high stress areas and ensured that the stitching on those is equal to the rigors of daily use. You can rest assure that your team is protected from the smallest stitch upwards.

We’re so confident of the durability of our structural seams that we offer a lifetime seam guarantee. This guarantee is integral to ProGARM’s unparalleled commitment to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our lifetime seam guarantee applies to the main structural seams on a garment. It does not apply if the seam has split due to mechanical damage that tears or cuts the seam because of contact with sharp edges or tools, or if the fabric is otherwise worn out from general wear.

In the unlikely event that you should have any issues with the seams on a garment, please contact our UK sales office to discuss.

Seams designed to last – just another way we help to look after your team every day.

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