Arc Flash – 9 Myths Busted

Arc Flash – 9 Myths Busted

There are a whole host of Arc Flash myths that are bandied about as truths, use our handy myth-busting guide to help you to separate Arc Flash fact from fiction.

What’s Inside?

Did you know that 57% of those in the UK Industry have either suffered an Arc Flash themselves or know someone who has?

While it’s difficult to eliminate the risk of an Arc Flash incident,  knowing the truth versus fiction when it comes to Arc Flash can be the difference between surviving relatively unscathed, serious long-term injury, and in the worst case even death.

There are a host of Arc Flashmyths which are bandied about as truths. Anyone who has worked in environments with an Arc Flash risk knows that these flashes of intense energy are no joke. Presenting a real risk to health and even to life, it’s essential that electricians, electrical engineers and anyone else responsible for or working on electrical switchgear is able to separate fact from fiction.

Our handy myth-busting guide is designed to help you to separate Arc Flash fact from fiction. In it you will learn the truth behind 9 of the biggest myths, allowing you to protect your teams more effectively.