Keeping your team safe is always top priority. And your team need to be protected against an Arc Flash incident if there is a risk of one occurring whilst they work. 

Your first step may be to conduct an Arc Flash study at your site. This will help you ascertain what risks are posed to your team as they carry out their duties. A key element of an Arc Flash study is a discussion of an appropriate level of Arc Flash protective clothing. 

Arc Flash protection is found in specialist garments – everything from insulating warm Arc Flash base layers to Arc Flash waterproof jackets and trousers. Enhanced and effective Arc Flash protection comes through wearing layers of protective garments manufactured from inherent fibres and which feature specific Arc Flash resilient components. In addition, the level of protection or Arc Rated Category and other information about the garment’s level of protection should be clearly visible.

Not all Arc Flash protective garments are manufactured the same. Whilst many garments meet minimum standards you need to ensure that the level of protection and quality of garment are sufficient to provide the protection the wearer needs. Quality Arc Flash protective garments from ProGARM won’t simply allow you to survive an incident, they will significantly reduce the level of injury that is sustained.

We believe when lives are at stake you should trust a specialist. Someone who is using 100% inherent fibres, that develops highly durable garments that will continue to offer a high level of protection throughout the life of the garment and that has a high level of production rigour to ensure a consistent quality and garment traceability.

The importance of using Arc Flash PPE to protect your team

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