Mitchell’s Arc Flash story

Despite many believing an Arc Flash is only a risk in high voltage situations, in reality, an Arc Flash remains a serious danger even when working in low voltage environments.

ProGARM’s specialist Arc Flash PPE protected Mitchell from serious injury

Arc Flash can be a serious danger even when working in low voltage environments

Whilst working on the Dig Team for construction firm Clancy Group, Mitchell attended a house service where he experienced a cable strike, resulting in an Arc Flash. Thankfully Mitchell escaped without serious injury, thanks entirely to the ProGARM Arc Flash PPE he was wearing at the time of the incident.

Following the Arc Flash, Mitchell was able to return to work, and now in his new role as a Field Performance Manager, one of Mitchell’s priorities is to make sure his team are fully educated on the danger, and to stress the importance of wearing Arc Flash PPE correctly.

We were fortunate enough to meet Mitchell and hear about his experience. The story emphasises why education around the dangers of Arc Flash, as well as correct specification of Arc Flash PPE, is imperative in protecting workers from serious or even life-threatening injury.

Arc Flash protection

To ensure others’ safety, we’re sharing Mitchell’s experience to help promote safe working practices for workers across the country who are at similar risk of an Arc Flash.

Choosing the wrong PPE for your team compromises their safety. However, not all Arc Flash clothing is made equal. Additionally, incorrect use of Arc Flash PPE can impact protection levels and leave workers vulnerable should the worst happen.

Understanding the different factors to consider when choosing and specifying the right PPE for your team is the first step in ensuring your team’s safety. That’s why we’ve pulled together a complete guide to Arc Flash PPE, so that you can make the best-informed decision for everyone.

The guide covers 7 factors you might not have considered when choosing Arc Flash PPE for your team, but which are vital in ensuring workers’ safety.

Make sure your team is protected.

Make sure that you’re specifying the right PPE for your team.

Read our free guide on the top considerations when choosing Arc Flash clothing & PPE below and make the best choice for you and your team via the link below ⬇.

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