8 things you can do to keep your Arc Flash clothing safe

8 things you can do to keep your Arc Flash clothing safe

Here at ProGarm, we’re specialists in Arc Flash clothing and PPE. In fact, we don’t do anything else.

That means we’re always putting 100% of our research, time and energy into developing the safest and best quality Arc Flash protective clothing and equipment.

Here are some important care tips to help you make sure your items of arc flash clothing keep offering you as much protection as the day you got them. Day after day after day…

  1. Make sure your Arc Flash clothing is the right fit

How well any item of Arc Flash clothing fits affects how well it will wear and how well it will work in an incident. If your Arc Flash clothing starts to feel too baggy or a little too tight in places, you should speak to your employer about getting another size with a better fit.

  1. Store your Arc Flash clothing safely

When you look after your garments, your garments will look after you. Always make sure you store them safely: Out of direct sunlight, in a cool place and separately from your other clothes.

  1. Always follow the laundry instructions on the label

All of our Arc Flash clothing are 100% inherently flame resistant, so this can’t be washed out, but it is possible to wash things in that would make them less effective in an incident (such as fabric conditioner).

We’ve put a lot of research into how best to wash and dry different types of Arc Flash clothing, so the best advice is simply to always follow the label.

  1. Keep your Arc Flash clothing clean

It can be tempting to put off washing Arc Flash clothing, especially if they need to be sent away for professional cleaning, or if they get dirty quickly because of the nature of your work.

Although our Arc Flash clothing is robust against everyday dirt, contaminants sitting on top of the fibres can affect how well the garment works in an incident as well as affecting the garment’s high visibility.

You should keep your PPE as clean as possible by following the care label instructions regularly.

  1. Check Arc Flash clothing regularly, for signs of damage

Our Arc Flash clothing range is of exceptionally high quality and have been designed to last. Following our care labels properly will also help you prolong the lifetime of your Arc Flash clothing. But they do still need to be checked.

Look over your garment every day to check the fabric, stitching, pockets, reflective strips, buttons, zips and press studs for any holes, fraying, loose threads or other signs of damage.

It may be possible for damage to be repaired professionally but, otherwise, you may need to replace it. Don’t forget that all items in our Arc Flash clothing range come with a structural seam guarantee.

Never try to repair Arc Flash clothing yourself. All our fabrics and components (such as buttons and press studs) are 100% inherent and ThermSafe in an Arc Flash incident. Using the sort of sewing kit you may find at home to make any repairs yourself would make the garment unsafe.

  1. Replace, repair or re-wear?

If you’ve been involved in ANY kind of incident (however minor) whilst wearing our Arc Flash clothing, you’ll need to check it for damage. Then ask:

  • Is it safe to carry on using my Arc Flash clothing after an incident?
  • Does my Arc Flash PPE clothing need to be professionally repaired?
  • Do I need to get new PPE to replace my damaged garments?

If you’re not 100% sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry and ask your employer for advice. In the meantime, try to use other PPE garments as appropriate to your work.

  1. Know when to call in the professionals

It may be that the label calls for specialist laundry services, or that an item of Arc Flash clothing needs a slight repair, or that you’d like your company logo on the garment.

There are plenty of things you can cut corners on in life, but making changes to potentially life-saving Arc Flash clothing shouldn’t be one of them.

Please talk to us. If we can’t help you ourselves, we can certainly help by pointing you in the right direction to make sure everything’s done properly and that the Arc Flash clothing will carry on being safe to use.

  1. What to do when you’re not sure

Check with your employer if you have any concerns about your Arc Flash clothing. They should have a policy and some guidelines for what should be worn when and how to look after them to keep them safe.