Arc Flash PPE that allows you to keep your cool.

Arc Flash PPE that allows you to keep your cool.

Summer is just around the corner, and there are two serious risks associated with the season when it comes to wearing PPE.

The most important element of specifying PPE for your teams is making sure it is fit for purpose. This means more than just having the correct levels of protection, it also means ensuring that the kit is fit for the environment in which it is being worn. This includes both extremes of weather but quite simply, in summer, a heavy duty garment is not fit for purpose.

PPE garments only protect your teams when they are actually wearing them. In summer, even a British one, the temptation for workers is to remove articles of PPE in an attempt to stay cool and comfortable while they work.

A garment not designed for hot weather becomes uncomfortable in heat and humidity, this can itself inflict injury onto the wearer through increased friction, however, the larger risk is the human instinct to alleviate the discomfort by removing the item causing the issue. This compromises, and in some instances, eradicates completely, the wearers protection against the life-threatening risk the PPE was issued to protect against in the first place. Without their PPE being worn correctly (or at all) workers are putting themselves at risk of serious injury and even death should an Arc Flash incident occur. This in turn puts their employers at risk of hefty fines and potential prosecution.

Even the simple act of rolling up sleeves, leaves a worker and their employer at risk.

Heat stress is the second large risk associated with the issue of incorrect PPE for the summer season and can have life-threatening consequences for the wearer.

Heat stress occurs when it is not possible for the body to control its internal temperature and begins to overheat, in the worst cases heat stress can be fatal. Factors that contribute to heat stress are air temperature, humidity, and work clothing.

The symptoms of heat stress include reduced ability to concentrate which can lead to increased accident rates on site. Muscle cramps, heat rash, dehydration, fainting, and heat stroke.

Those wearing the incorrect PPE are at increased risk of heat stress for several reasons, including sweating being restricted by clothing and humidity among others. It is imperative that workers are protected against heat stress and providing the correct work wear and arc flash PPE is one of the ways you can do this.

That’s why ProGARM includes a collection of lightweight, breathable single-layer solutions perfect for use in summer within our specialist arc flash and FR PPE range. The correct lightweight garments ensure that the risk of heat stress is reduced, the fabrics allow the body to breathe and don’t restrict the necessary core function of sweating and so it is possible for the wearer to maintain a safe core temperature while on site. ProGARMs range starts with garments manufactured from a super lightweight 160gsm while still providing full Arc Flash protection..

Because the garments are lightweight and breathable able they do not become uncomfortable in the heat and humidity meaning that wears are not tempted to remove them and so do not reduce their levels of protection.

ProGARM has a lightweight range that includes coveralls, trousers, tops in full Hi-Vis and two tone options designed to not only provide Arc Flash protection but that fit that well that wears actually want to put them on.

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