Arc Flash Protection or Survival: Know the difference

Arc Flash Protection or Survival: Know the difference

Arc Flash Protection or Survival: Know the difference

It’s one thing to survive an Arc Flash or flash fire incident but quite another to be protected from it.

Survival means that you’re still breathing, but it doesn’t mean you haven’t escaped life-changing burns or other long-lasting effects. Protection is the difference between survival and going on to have the same quality of life you enjoyed before the Arc Flash incident. This important difference can be a dangerous misunderstanding for both you and your team.

Merely surviving an Arc Flash incident

The level of Arc Flash protection required for your industry depends on various circumstances, but there are some common hazards faced. The most obvious is the burns caused by the sudden and intense heat. Inadequate clothing can ignite, combining with the original blast power to subject the body to unacceptable levels of heat. This can result in severe burns that prevent an operative from working again, potentially subjecting them to skin grafts and intensive rehabilitation. That is survival.

The ultimate Arc Flash protection

Arc Flash protection is altogether different. If your team is protected from the risk of an Arc Flash, then an incident won’t fundamentally alter their life. They will avoid debilitating burns and won’t be forced to adapt their lives as a result of the incident. If used correctly, your team’s Arc Flash clothing can be the difference between survival and protection.

At ProGARM, we understand this distinction and we’re dedicated to improving the protective qualities of our Arc Flash clothing at every opportunity. We use 100% inherent fibres, which means the resistance of the garment does not wash out over time, as is the case with many chemically treated fabrics. We’re also proud to use the ThermSAFE brand of components in our Arc Flash clothing range. From reflective tape to plastic zippers and poppers, every inch of a ProGARM garment has been designed with protection in mind.

Comfort is key

There is another fundamental element that stands between protection and mere survival – your team must wear the garment correctly to offer the full level of protection. The truth is, lots of Arc Flash clothing is not designed with comfort in mind and can be cumbersome to the operative over the course of a shift. This can lead to them not wearing the equipment correctly and in turn means they may survive an Arc Flash incident, but they may not be protected from the effects.

One of our priorities at ProGARM is to create protective clothing that is comfortable to wear. Protection is only one part of our mission to create the ultimate Arc Flash protective clothing. Your team must be comfortable to wear the clothing in the directed way, so they won’t merely survive an Arc Flash incident, they’ll be protected too.