How to compare Arc Flash PPE for the Industrial Electrical sector

When you work in the Industrial Electrical sector – on power lines, in distribution centres or on industrial power supply maintenance for example – you know that Arc Flash incidents are just as possible in both high and low voltage environments. You’re perhaps also more informed than most about the frequency of Arc Flash incidents in the UK each year, the need for Arc Flash PPE and more acutely aware that they can leave families devasted by the impact of...
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8 things you can do to keep your Arc Flash clothing safe

Here at ProGarm, we’re specialists in Arc Flash clothing and PPE. In fact, we don’t do anything else. That means we’re always putting 100% of our research, time and energy into developing the safest and best quality Arc Flash protective clothing and equipment. Here are some important care tips to help you make sure your items of arc flash clothing keep offering you as much protection as the day you got them. Day after day after day… Make sure your...
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The benefits of Arc Flash Base Layers

ProGARM The benefits of Arc Flash Base Layers Calculating the benefits of using Arc Flash Base layers In a typical day, it’s not unusual for employees to move from work area to work area and need different levels of flame resistant PPE. Rather than choosing just one highly-rated piece of arc flash protective clothing to wear all day, your team may have adopted a layering system allowing them to scale up or downgrade their protection levels to suit the task...
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Arc Flash Myth Busting

Arc flash myth busting When you’re working in variable temperatures, or on tasks which need you to be flexible, you may be tempted to wear thermal underwear or base layers, or to take a layer off and roll up your sleeves. But the risks of doing so can be extreme. Arc flash describes the intense short burst of radiant heat and light produced as part of an electric arc and can reach temperatures of 19,000oC – hotter than the surface...
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The Ultimate Waterproof Arc Flash Clothing

Prepare your teams for winter with the NEW waterproof range After 18 months of intensive product development, we are thrilled to introduce the NEW ProGARM waterproof range of jackets and salopettes. The collection eliminates the weaknesses discovered in previous garments and offers the highest possible levels of comfort and protection against Arc Flash incidents and other hazards. Every item meets numerous EN Standards including Category 4 Arc and Class 3 hi-vis, and is also available in Orange GO/RT and two-tone...
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