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Why our manufacturing makes a difference to you

Against the backdrop of the last few year's pandemics and political events, we’ve seen how supply chains can be severely disrupted. At ProGARM, we believe that our manufacturing process is crucial to our ability to deliver the best possible products and services to our customers. By opening our own factory in 2022, we have been able to add control in our process to not only manage our materials and transport but also do the full manufacturing cycle, riding high above...
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Watch: Eddie’s Story

You may have seen a blog article from ourselves a couple of years ago about an operative who suffered an Arc Flash incident whilst at work. Fortunately, he was wearing suitable clothing and PPE which ended up saving his life and protecting him from further, more significant injury. We were fortunate enough to meet with Eddie Smith, a Team Leader for construction firm, Clancy Docwra, and his colleagues to speak to them about the day, the incident itself and the...
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New PPE Regulations: ProGARM Keep Ahead of the Curve

New PPE Regulations: ProGARM Keep Ahead of the Curve. Until very recently, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) legislation has been defined by a UK law which was based on an EU Directive introduced 25 years ago. As research, development and technology has moved on, thankfully, so has EU Law. The old PPE Directive has now been replaced by new PPE Regulations (EU) 2016/425, which came into force on 21 April 2018 and must be fully implemented within 12 months. Jargon busting:...
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ProGARM Join Thorne & Derrick to Educate on Arc Flash Risk

Arc Flash Risk - ProGARM partner with distributor to educate electrical engineers About Arc Flash Risk Lack of knowledge around Arc Flash risk is a major issue in UK industry. ProGARM are constantly working to raise awareness of it, and thereby prevent incidents leading to life-changing injuries and worse. The Arc Flash survey we undertook alongside the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) found that even though there was a high amount of awareness when it came to risks of Arc...
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Five ways to look after your Arc Flash garments

Five ways to look after your Arc Flash garments When you work in an industry where Arc Flash and flash fire hazards are commonplace, it’s not enough to invest in the best protective clothing on the market. An informed decision about the clothing required for your team’s needs is essential, but if garments are not maintained effectively money and protection is lost. It is of vital importance that Arc Flash garments are looked after so they can take care of...
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ProGARM Polo Shirt Saves Operative’s Life in an Arc Flash Incident

Last month, an operative was using a jackhammer when he struck a 120 CNE 3 Phase low voltage cable, which led to an Arc Flash incident. As he was wearing one of ProGARM’s polo shirts at the time, his chest was protected and as you can see from the photographs, his polo shirt took the brunt of the impact. We are aware of how effective these garments can be when faced with an Arc Flash incident, but it’s rewarding to...
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