Five ways to look after your Arc Flash garments

Five ways to look after your Arc Flash garments

Five ways to look after your Arc Flash garments

When you work in an industry where Arc Flash and flash fire hazards are commonplace, it’s not enough to invest in the best protective clothing on the market. An informed decision about the clothing required for your team’s needs is essential, but if garments are not maintained effectively money and protection is lost. It is of vital importance that Arc Flash garments are looked after so they can take care of you, and your team.

1.Keep them clean

There are two reasons why it is important to keep Arc Flash clothing clean – to remove lingering contaminants, and maintain the high visibility qualities of the garment. The types of industries that require Arc Flash clothing also dictate that dangerous contaminants may find their way onto the garments. For instance, flammable chemicals can linger and compromise the flame resistant integrity of the clothing. While Arc Flash clothing is robust against everyday dirt, the high visibility qualities are maintained at the highest levels when the garment is clean.

2.Take note of the washing instructions

Every Arc Flash garment has washing instructions provided on the care label, and it is vital these are followed carefully. Manufacturers generally test items to ensure they can withstand a certain number of washes while maintaining their attributes effectively. By washing items in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, you will prolong the life of the garment.

3.Check garments frequently

Undertaking regular checks of PPE is vital to ensure your team remains protected. The structural integrity of each garment must be checked to ensure the levels of protection are maintained. Encourage your teams to check baselayers and outerlayers taking the entire garment into consideration, including pockets, reflective tape and the stitching of the seams to highlight any damage and take appropriate action.

4.Have repairs undertaken properly

Even the smallest rip or hole can threaten the integrity of Arc Flash clothing. If a garment is damaged in any way, then subject to an Arc Flash or flash fire incident, the risk of severe injury increases. If any damage is detected, an appropriate repair must be undertaken. The best way is to consult the guidelines provided with the garment itself to ensure the correct method and components are used.

5.Replace when necessary

Frequent and rigorous inspection of your Arc Flash clothing will dictate when a garment needs to be taken out of service. Depending on the quality and durability of the clothing, along with how well it has been taken care of, some items will last longer than others. So it is imperative you invest in the highest possible quality Arc Flash clothing from the outset to protect your teams and avoid frequent financial outlays.