Garments stating GO/RT 3279 Version 6 not Version 7

Garments stating GO/RT 3279 Version 6 not Version 7

Some of our garments currently state certification to GO/RT Issue 6, when in fact a more recent version of this document was released in September 2012.

For the purpose of the garments that ProGARM produce, the amended relevant clause referred to on page 2 of the document is:

‘Amended following proposal 11/040: Clause Hot Work and B.6.1 Fasteners were withdrawn’.

An Exclusion was previously in place from Issue 4 August 1996 which allowed the use of Non Hi-Viz Orange fabrics being used for Hot Works as fabrics with this technology did not exist. Now that fabrics have been developed that conform to the requirements of GO/RT 3279, EN471 and also Flame Resistance, garments meeting these standards are also now available.

Products in the ProGARM range include Coverall 4690, Trouser 4616 and Jacket 4608. These garments are also certificated to the requirements for protection against the Thermal Hazards of an Electric Arc – European Standard IEC 61482-2:2009 Class 1 4kA.

The protective properties of any of our garments certified to Version 6 are no less than those certified to Version 7, and over time, we will upgrade the certification to the latest version.

A copy of the latest GO/RT 3279 document is available to download from this website at: http://www.progarm.eu/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/GORT3279-Issue-7.pdf