New 7720 Arc Flash combat trouser – Practical Arc Flash protection

New 7720 Arc Flash combat trouser – Practical Arc Flash protection

Innovative Arc Flash combat trouser

At ProGARM, we are committed to continual research and improvement to innovate as quickly as possible and bring you the new products and Arc Flash protection you are searching for.

Our latest innovation is the 7720 Arc Flash combat trouser, carefully designed and developed by our in-house team of specialist garment designers.

Like every garment in our extensive range, the 7720 combat trouser combines exceptional Arc Flash protection with practical features, including integrated pockets to hold kneepads and a detachable holster pocket for tools.

And as you would expect from ProGARM, this garment is also very comfortable to wear, has been tested through 100,000 abrasion cycles and carries our Lifetime Seam Guarantee so you can be sure it is durable and stands up to the rigours of everyday wear.  What this means to you is that the 7720’s fabric is around five times stronger than a conventional fabric, and has double the tensile strength.

Highest Arc Flash rating in the marketplace 

When it comes to Arc Flash protection, our 7720 combat trouser currently provides the highest level of protection of all the similar products we found on the market, which means you and your team have the protection you need in a garment you’ll be comfortable wearing all day. That protection won’t wash away over time either, because our unique VXS+ fabrics are 100% inherent and offer great colour fastness.

With a calorific rating of 12.8 Cal/cm², our 7720 combat trouser has achieved excellent Arc Flash resistance, tested to Class 1 (4KA) using the Box Test Method and conforms to IEC 61482-2:2009. The trousers are also Flame Resistant and Anti Static, conforming to EN ISO 11612:2015 and EN 1149-5:2008.

 Arc Flash protection and practical design

At ProGARM we’re not content with just developing Arc Flash resistant, durable clothing that is also comfortable to wear – every aspect of the 7720 Arc Flash combat trouser has also been designed with practicality in mind.

As you would expect from this style of trouser, they have multiple pockets. The usual front and back pockets, plus a number of side pockets on the legs for phones and tools. In addition, these can be supplemented by utilising our 7721 Detachable Holster Pocket for even more storage space.

Ideal for those working in power generation, utilities or even in an industrial electrical or petrochemical environment, our 7720 combat trouser offers excellent, market-leading Arc Flash protection and practical solutions to working in the field. Use it alongside our extensive range of Arc Flash and Flame Resistant garments to ensure consistent protection and comfort for you and your team.

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