ProGARM FR AS Baselayer Product Launch

ProGARM FR AS Baselayer Product Launch

ProGARM FR AS Baselayer Product Launch

New Flame Resistant antistatic base layer range now available from ProGARM.  Layer up your protection and keep warm, keep protected this winter.

The launch our customers have been waiting for.  Our market leading base layer range was launched at the SHE (Safety and Health Expo) in June 2015 and created a large amount of interest.  Now they’re coming to you just as November’s cold weather rolls in, and our base layers provide the ultimate solution with ProGARM’s innovative designs.

  • 8100 Balaclava : can be worn on its own or under one of our helmets
  • 8210 Top : Wear with leggings as a matching set, to be worn with any of our tops or coveralls
  • 8220 Leggings : Wear with top as a matching set, to be worn with any of our trousers or coveralls
  • 8300 Snood : Offers increased neck protection, wear along with balaclava, helmet or on its own

Two Reasons To Layer Up With ProGARM:

The first, and perhaps most important reason is that layering significantly improves protection for the wearer. Layering with FR/AS garments means total protection, removing the risk of conventional garments enflaming or even melting under the top layer, which can lead to serious injury.

The other is obviously is to offer our wearers increased warmth, which is crucial during the winter months as the majority of our wearers work outdoors, from the North Sea oil fields to London’s utility network.

Product Benefits:

  • Safety : Inherent, Instant Extinguishing Properties which means increased safety. Click Here to View the VXS+ Instant Extinguishing Fabric
  • Comfort : Soft as Pyjamas and Highly Breathable ensuring your staff are comfortable.
  • Quality : Lifetime Seam Guarantee which means significant cost savings, these are noted to last up to 70% longer than comparable garments.
  • Design :Superb Wearer Acceptance – staff want to wear them ensuring they are always protected


EN Standards

These garments meet the required European Norms for Flame Resistant and Anti-static clothing.