Protection in Layers – Advanced Arc Flash Protection

Protection in Layers – Advanced Arc Flash Protection

When FR Arc Flash protective garments are worn together or in a layered combination, the PPE provides the wearer with the best ‘last line of defence’ against an Arc Flash incident.

Many garments in the ProGARM collection have now been tested together against a simulated Arc Flash exposure according to the European Box Test Method or the US Open Arc Test Method. Testing garments in this way provides a total protection value that is higher than the individual value of each garment. This is because the air gap between each layer of fabric also acts as an insulator and increases the protection.

If you’re wearing FR Arc protection garments it is important to choose a brand that offers this additional testing in order to maximise the protection you are offering to your staff. If you’re buying one layer from one manufacturer and another layer elsewhere you’re likely to only be able to get a combined result by undertaking the testing yourself – and this is not a cost that the majority of organizations would wish to incur.

As a result, many end users of FR Arc Flash Clothing are now looking to Specify ProGARM as their preferred clothing brand for peace of mind and ease of procurement.

In recent testing of the ProGARM 5280 Polo Shirt and 5630 Sweatshirt according to IEC61482-2:2009, test results of Class 2 (Box Test Method) and 31.0cal/cm² (Open Arc Test Method) were recorded. This outstanding result enables companies to offer maximum protection to their workforce with garments that are not cumbersome to wear.

ProGARM FR Arc Workwear is designed to replace your traditional Workwear in order to ensure maximum comfort – it’s not heavy or coarse as traditional cotton based garments is but soft, lightweight and breathable.

Other garment combinations include the VXS+ 250W woven fabric (as used in models 6100 and 7480 coverall and several other garments in the collection) when worn in conjunction with the VXS+ 210P Pique Knit fabric as used in ProGARM polo shirts. This again achieves a Class 2 results when tested together for Arc protection.

For further details regarding the ProGARM ‘Protection in Layers’ combinations available, visit xxxx (new webpage link).

Garment are available to purchase from your usual Workwear or PPE supplier.