Protective Clothing for Street Lighting Contractors

Protective Clothing for Street Lighting Contractors

The use of the correct protective clothing for contractors working in the highways including Street Lighting contractors is highlighted in this new document by the HEA and a short video clip of a recent cable explosion in London…..

Protective Clothing for Street Lighting Contractors

The Highways Electrical Association have now launched their document ‘Best Practice Guide for Personal Protective Equipment for Highway Electrical Work’ – May 2013. This guide is intended to be used as a best practice guide for those visiting or carrying out work on site, unless such works preclude the use of personal protective equipment.

The aim of the report is to give guidance to employers and employees to enable informed decisions to be made which are appropriate for their organisation and the particulare circumstances in which they work.

Included in this report is guidance relating to protective clothing ‘ Typical PPE , Standards, Performance Requirements and Comments’.

This guidance clarifies the European Standards required including the recommendation of protective clothing that conforms to IEC61482 Arc Flash Protective Clothing and also the revised Heat & Flame Protection Standard of EN ISO11612 which replaced the standard EN531.

It should also be noted that whilst EN1149, the European Standard for Antistatic Clothing may not offer any direct benefits in Street Lighting working environments this additional protective requirement is included in all ProGARM® garments at no extra cost via the use of a Antistatic Yarn woven into the fabric.

ProGARM® garments are certified to these European Norms and can be purchased from leading PPE Distributors in the Europe. For further details, email info@progarm.eu.

A recent cable explosion in London highlights the dangers of cable faults and the need to ensure you staff are protected from these hazards.

Watch this video clip featured on the BBC website via the following link:   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-22308869