Taking arc flash PPE to the next level

Taking arc flash PPE to the next level

Taking arc flash PPE to the next level – the ProGARM x the GORE-TEX Brand collection

Electricity workers in high-risk arc flash environments face some of the harshest and deadliest working conditions. Arc flash incidents can have devastating, life changing consequences, which is why the protection of these workers through their personal protective equipment (PPE) is so important.

We’re passionate about continuing to raise the bar in our PPE ranges, which is why we’ve partnered with fabric experts at GORE-TEX to create a new, innovative range of highly waterproof, stretch-based garments for those who need the most advanced protection.

A partnership grounded in expertise

We’ve remained true to our focus on creating garments that offer exceptional protective qualities without compromising on comfort, and always available to fit a wide range of body shapes, but through this new creative partnership we’ve been able to explore the role of fabric technology in certified and compliant arc flash uniform even more than ever before. The GORE-TEX Brand is renowned for fabric innovation that delivers long-lasting, high-quality performance, making them the perfect partner for this collection.

In an industry-first, this is the only garment collection currently available in the UK that incorporates GORE-TEX PYRAD® stretch technology. Utilising double-layer technology, the fabric in this range provides heat, flame and arc flash protection by blocking heat flow and flame propagation which in turn prevents heat transfer to the skin of the wearer. Every aspect of each garment design promotes advanced safety, even down to the fire-resistant stitching and zips.

An all-weather collection

Available in jackets and trousers, the garments in this collection are durably weather protective and can be relied upon to offer exceptional protection against the thermal hazards of an electric arc.  Enhanced with arc rated GORE-TEX PYRAD® stretch technology they provide soft-to-touch comfort and quick re-dry times, combining to create PPE that can endure long days and changeable weather conditions in even the harshest environments, all whilst offering freedom of movement when bending and stretching.

Designed for today’s workforce

Our guiding ethos for the range has been ‘safety through comfort’. Workers who aren’t comfortable in their PPE inevitably remove layers or don’t wear them at all, compromising their own safety in doing so. Our new collection is designed to support natural movement with the ultimate fit, ensuring those wearing it can do so all day, regardless of the weather around them.

The ProGARM x the GORE-Brand jackets have internal knitted cuffs to increase the comfort when wearing, especially during extreme movement, and have fleece-lined, dual-zipped hip pockets with grab tabs to make them easier to open even if wearing gloves. The main jacket zip, which is fire resistant, is extra wide making it not just more practical but also more durable and the design incorporates a scooped hem at the back for additional coverage when bending.

Continuing the theme of safety through comfort, the trouser design is equally thoughtful. With fleece lined braces for comfort and similarly accessible combat pockets with grab tags, these trousers offer exceptional freedom of movement. There are ladder lock brace adjustments making it easier to put the trousers on and take off, whilst the elasticated waist ensures a more comfortable fit regardless of how long they are worn for.

The future of arc flash workwear

When lives are on the line, it’s our collective responsibility to do all we can to offer safer, smarter ways to work. We believe the ProGARM x the GORE-TEX Brand range is exactly that: a simple change in PPE that saves lives by design.

This new collection is available to preorder today with stock filling our warehouse in July.

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can view the range online, download the brochure here or reach out to one of our specialists to enquire about a wearer trial by calling +44 01482 274235.