The future of waterproof Arc Flash safety wear

The future of waterproof Arc Flash safety wear

ProGARM and the GORE-TEX Brand are set to revolutionise arc flash safety wear with a new range of waterproof and arc rated GORE-TEX PYRAD® stretch workwear, launching this summer. This collaboration combines ProGARM’s expertise in protective garments with GORE-TEX’s fabric innovation, prioritizing ‘safety through comfort.’ The partnership builds on their 2022 licensee agreement and aims to provide advanced protective wear for workers in high-risk environments.

The ProGARM x the GORE-TEX brand collaboration introduces a unique arc rated GORE-TEX PYRAD® stretch product technology, emphasising unrivaled protection and wearability. The garments, compliant with arc flash regulations, are lightweight, breathable, and stretchy, ensuring comfort in all conditions. The triple-layer technology blocks heat, flame, and arc flash, offering industry-leading movement, flexibility, and comfort across jackets, trousers, and coveralls.

Designed for diverse body shapes, the range comes in high visibility yellow, navy, and orange for on-site safety. Every detail, including stitching thread, is arc flash and flame resistant. The breathable fabric and advanced porous technology prevent heat and perspiration build-up. The range prioritizes practical wear, with design decisions tailored to the wearer’s experience.

The waterproof arc-rated garments with GORE-TEX PYRAD® Stretch technology will be available from ProGARM this summer, with additional PYRAD® products rolling out throughout the year for enhanced protection.

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