The value of durability: The surprisingly low cost of premium arc flash PPE

The value of durability: The surprisingly low cost of premium arc flash PPE

Arc Flash protection is a long game. You’re preparing for something rare with potentially devastating consequences if you fail to take the appropriate safety considerations. It’s why the value of durability in Arc Flash PPE can’t be understated. The longer a garment retains its performance, the more you save on replacement PPE while protecting lives.

In this blog, we outline why choosing the cheaper option is a false economy–and with lives at stake, is it worth the gamble?

Premium vs budget Arc Flash PPE

The age-old adage ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ rings true when sourcing durable Arc Flash PPE.

The protective qualities of budget garments are often applied as a treatment to the surface of the fabric, rather than being inherent to the fibres. Therefore, safety performance and durability lessen with each wear and wash. There’s no easy way to tell what’s safe and what should be replaced. At best, you’ll replace garments before you need to; at worst, you’ll expose your employees to unnecessary risk (and yourself to heavy fines or imprisonment). Either way, it’s money you don’t need to spend.

In contrast, good-quality premium Arc Flash PPE has a higher upfront outlay, but while it may create an initial dent in your procurement budgets, it’s still the best option; you’ll buy once and buy well, guaranteeing longevity and consistent performance throughout your PPE’s lifetime, lengthening the time between purchase and replacement.

A note of caution: Procurement experts should be on the lookout for varying quality levels on high-value items. A high price doesn’t guarantee performance. A good supplier should be able to talk you through exactly what you’re paying for and why and give you the breathing space to make the best decision for your team.

Arc Flash PPE that goes on and on

Our premium Arc Flash PPE can be more expensive than alternative garment options, but there’s an incredibly good reason for the higher price point.

Experts designed our durable safety garments to last 70% longer than competitor alternatives, meaning they’re replaced less frequently.

Not only is the protection inherent so that it cannot wash out, but our garments are also less likely to rip and tear, with additions such as a lifetime seam guarantee ––our garments have better overall durability than cheaper alternatives. Your ProGARM garment is extremely resistant to accidental damage and will keep on performing wash after wash.

Over the garments’ lifetime, the cost per wear is the same, than cheaper garments. In a direct comparison, you’re getting the most advanced flame-resistant Arc Flash PPE on the market at the same cost per wear as a ‘budget’ alternative.

Here are some examples of the superior quality you can expect from ProGARM Arc Flash PPE:

  • VXS+ 100% inherent fabrics. Unlike coated products, flame-resistant technology is ingrained in our fabrics and can’t be washed or worn away ever, it is part of the DNA of the garment
  • ThermSAFE components. Structural integrity is built into every flame-retardant stitch, button, popper, press stud, and ThermSAFE stretch tape application.
  • Lifetime seam guarantee. We’re 100% confident in our structural seams.
  • Tested through 50 wash cycles. Our garments don’t lose colour, high-vis properties, or shrink, even after a year’s worth of washes.

No compromise on safety, durability, AND comfort

So, your employees can wear our Arc Flash PPE repeatedly without needing to replace it. But will they want to? In regular wearer trials, participants agree our expertly crafted ProGARM garments are best for comfort, not just durability, and “as comfortable as pyjamas” to wear.

Getting your team in PPE they don’t want to take off is half the battle regarding safety (and your budget). Consistently wearing highly protective garments helps reduce the risk of serious incidents.

We’ve gone into more detail on comfort vs. safety in our post, ‘Why we’re committed to Arc Flash protection that fits everybody.’

Protecting you, protecting the environment

Something we’re all building into our strategies––whether in industrial, utilities, power generation, rail, or petrochemical––is how to reduce our impact on the planet. Buying fewer garments is not just good for your bottom line; it reduces the fossil fuels required for production and transportation and prevents unnecessary clothes from going to landfills. According to WRAP, an estimated £140 M worth (or 350,000 tonnes) of clothing is sent to UK landfills annually.

Learn more about how we responsibly use recycled materials and repair, recycle, package, and transport our garments.

If valuing durability in your PPE procurement positively impacts your people’s safety, your budget, and the planet, what are you waiting for? The time to invest is now.

Speak to one of our experts today to find out more.