ProGARM® reveals NEW VXS⁺ Inherent Fabric garments

ProGARM® reveals NEW VXS⁺ Inherent Fabric garments

It is a grim fact but infection from burnt clothing in burns patients remains a leading cause of fatality.

Medical experts agree that many of those burns could and would have been survivable if flame resistant clothing was worn.

As the legislation constantly shifts, the best thing to do is to get protected from the outset.

And whether it’s the petro-chemical industry, utilities contractors or gas and fuel storage and distribution sites, UK-based ProGARM® has a range of flame resistant garments to suit every scenario.

A spokesman for ProGARM® said: “We are confident we offer cutting edge garments that meet the demands of the Wearer and the Purchasing Officer alike while offering the most comfortable flame resistant fabrics available on the market.

“We have developed exceptional products that reduce the risk of injuries from exposure to naked flames and consequently reduce the risk of infection from any resulting burns.

“We create hard-wearing, durable clothing and we are so confident that our products will last that we offer a lifetime guarantee on the seams.”

ProGARM®, based in Melton, East Yorkshire, has 18 years of experience in the protective clothing industry and has spent the last six years developing VXS⁺ Inherent FR fabric.

VXS⁺ is a unique blend of flame resistant and other technical fibres which produces a flame resistant fabric that is strong, lightweight, flexible and durable and offers outstanding levels of breathability. Due to the Inherent nature of the VXS⁺ fabric the flame resistant characteristics do not depend on Chemical Treatments and therefore do not diminish with washing. As a result, you can be assured of Flame Resistant protection throughout the life of the garment.

When a flame comes into contact with the unique blend in the VXS⁺ fabric, tiny amounts of inert, non-burning gases push the oxygen away from the surface to stop the burning process.

Due to the high performance flame resistant fibres used in VXS⁺ fabrics, this process takes place in minimal time to ensure that no melting or dripping of material occurs – which usually leads to the material sticking to the skin causing burns.

Each garment is designed and manufactured with an emphasis on comfort and reliability.
And by using specialist yarns, the weight of the fabric has been reduced greatly to make the clothing more suitable for day-to-day use – in contrast to traditional heavy-weight flame resistant fabrics.

ProGARM® have recently released three new products to its already extensive range, all made using the VXS⁺ Inherent fabric: 5808 Jacket, 5816 Trousers and 6440 coveralls.

These new garments come in two-tone designs in navy and yellow with the addition of reflective tapes to enhance the protection levels they offer. Design features include kneepad pockets, mobile phone pocket, triple-stitched side seams.

The trousers feature a combat pocket on the correct side of the leg for drivers in the UK. A product data sheet is available on each of these products from the ProGARM® website.

The ProGARM® spokesman said: “Along with the VXS⁺ fabric being used for these latest products, we also have an extensive range of other garments available which use other specialist fabrics.

“The lightness of the VXS⁺ blend means that the garments are made for comfort without losing their durability.

“We pride ourselves on our reputation with customers we already have and believe our products offer the best protection for any staff member of any company where they are at risk of being exposed to heat hazards.