Why ProGARM doesn’t do ‘pink and shrink’

Why ProGARM doesn’t do ‘pink and shrink’

With increasing numbers of women in engineering professions, and a continuing drive to increase the number of girls and women pursuing STEM subjects and careers, many PPE companies have fallen into a stereotype trap.

Not us.

Here at ProGARM, we want to make sure all the Arc Flash protective garments we provide to female workers are every bit as safe, practical and comfortable to wear as garments we provide to men.

And that means designing them for women, not adapting them for women.

While many companies in many industries think they can get away with minimal product adjustments, such as making the products they’ve designed for men a little bit smaller or making them pink (we’re not joking), we approach our female garment range in the same way as we approach everything else we do – we design each item specifically for its purpose.

That’s why we have an entire range of protective garments designed specifically for women who work in sectors such as industrial electrical, petrochemical, utilities, rail, power generation and wind energy.

Comfortable PPE is Safe PPE

We start from the view that only when it fits well will it be comfortable. Only when it’s comfortable will it be worn properly. And only when it’s worn properly will it be safe.

We’ve designed and developed polo shirts, trousers and coveralls in standard women’s sizes from sizes 8-16 and can make stock to other sizes on request.

We’re proud to be leading the way in changing the way manufacturers treat women in industry.

For more information about our Arc Flash and Petrochemical safety garments for women, please view our range here or call us on +44 (0) 1482 679 600 to speak to a specialist for your sector.