Why ProGARM is built around customer needs

Why ProGARM is built around customer needs

At a time when the UK’s Institute of Customer Service’s latest (Jan 2024) UK Customer Satisfaction Index shows customer satisfaction levels have continued to fall from their 2022 high, we’re delighted our latest survey of customers has shown entirely the opposite.

Plenty of organisations say they put the needs of the customer at their heart. But how many actually do that, instead of just talking a good game?

The protective clothing sector is fiercely competitive. In order to build our profile as experts in arc flash – we’re the only UK manufacturer specialising 100% in arc flash and flame-resistant garments – we’ve had to work hard to create an organisation which is focused on the customer from beginning to end.

What our customers tell us

We asked every customer who bought from us in the last 12 months what they thought of our service. The results showed:

  • 100% of people who responded were highly likely to recommend ProGARM
  • Service is the #2 reason people buy from us – with product quality #1
  • 100% of customers who responded are satisfied with our service, 95% customers are very satisfied

Customer comments in the survey included:

“I have always had great support from ProGARM and I know my colleagues have as well. Always first port call for this type of product.”

“How business should be conducted.”

“ProGARM is very easy and polite to deal with and makes my job easier when procuring.”

Customer satisfaction drives structure

We don’t just talk about delivering exceptional customer service, we’ve built the business around it. All of our customer service and sales team are immersed in arc flash and flame-retardant PPE, so you’re getting insight from people who know the products really well, not someone who has to learn about everything from air quality monitors to safety signs and everything in between.

Respondents to the survey said: “Great customer service, quality products and speedy delivery,” and: “Great service and advice, fast delivery,”.

Customers want swift delivery – our European-based in-house manufacturing gives us total control over production and enables some of the quickest delivery times for made-to-order arc flash PPE available. Typically, we can deliver next-day if you’re in the UK and ordering from stock, or within 12 weeks of you placing your bespoke order.

Garment traceability together with ISO 9001 and further PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Module D accreditation are testament to our quality controls and processes. This certainty over control of manufacturing enables us to focus on customer needs.

Detailed development and PPE wearer trials

We have in-house experts in technical fabrics and garment construction, meaning we develop every product from scratch with the customer in mind. We’re always listening to feedback and are constantly looking for the next innovation in arc flash PPE.

We have developed a wide range of sizes to fit every body, acknowledging there’s a huge diversity in body size, shape, and composition, so one size fits all is rarely the right answer.

We know comfort plays a huge part in safety – if clothing isn’t comfortable to wear, people either don’t put it on, or don’t wear it properly, leaving them at risk if there’s an arc flash incident.

And we always do wearer trials during new product development because there’s nothing better than frank feedback from people who actually have to wear the products. We encourage customers to do wearer trials before placing a big order so you can be sure your people on the front line want to wear their PPE.

Durability matters in arc flash clothing

Arc flash clothing has to work hard in tough environments. Our VSX+ fabric contains 100% inherent protection, meaning it can never wash out. And that contributes to our protective clothing lasting up to 70% longer than rival brands.

We offer a lifetime seam guarantee and will now also offer repairs to certain parts of the garment if it won’t compromise its integrity. For garments that can’t be repaired, we also now offer a recycling service, helping support your environmental commitments and reducing the amount of clothing going to landfill.

We’ve built our business around customer needs and are delighted that customer insight reinforces the success of that. If you need arc flash PPE, take a look at our products, or enquire now.