The ProGARM® Lightweight Collection features a range of 100% VXS+ inherent garments at low weights, perfect for wearing in warmer weather.

A garment not designed for hot weather becomes uncomfortable in heat and humidity, this can itself inflict injury onto the wearer through increased friction, however, the larger risk is the human instinct to alleviate the discomfort by removing the item causing the issue. This compromises, and in some instances, eradicates completely, the wearers protection against the life-threatening risk the PPE was issued to protect against in the first place. Without their PPE being worn correctly (or at all) workers are putting themselves at risk of serious injury and even death should an Arc Flash incident occur. This in turn puts their employers at risk of hefty fines and potential prosecution.

That’s why our light weight collection of lightweight, breathable single-layer solutions are perfect for use in summer within our specialist arc flash and FR PPE range. The fabrics allow the body to breathe and don’t restrict the necessary core function of sweating and so it is possible for the wearer to maintain a safe core temperature while on site. ProGARMs range starts with garments manufactured from a super lightweight 160gsm while still providing full Arc Flash protection.