Reducing the impact that we, and our industry have on our planet is a priority for us. We believe that not only should we take the hard decisions to make the best choices for the environment, but that it is our responsibility where possible to enable our customers to make better choices too.

ProGARM RECYCLE is our initiative to prevent the addition of any ProGARM garments to the 350,000 tonnes of textiles that go to landfill in the UK every year. We do this by offering every single one of our UK customers the ability to return their PPE to us at the end of its life for reprocessing.

As part of ProGARM RECYCLE any UK customer can send their garments back to us, in bulk. We will then ensure that all items are recycled and re-used, avoiding landfill and helping feed into a circular economy.

Our customers range from small one location teams to huge multisite corporations. We have ensured that ProGARM RECYCLE has a returns and collection ability that scales per individual requirement. From manual ad hoc box returns to monthly scheduled recycle bin collection across multiple sites, and service charges scale accordingly.

To allow us to offer this sustainability enhancing service, we have partnered with an industry-leading textiles recycling company who are committed to sending zero textiles waste to landfill. Our partner is certificated to ISO9001 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environmental) and ISO45001 (H&S), this compliments our own ISO9001, 14001 & 27001 certificate.

Safety and security are paramount to us. We are aware of the potential dangers of branded workwear items being accessible to the wrong people, putting vulnerable members of the public and brand reputations at risk. Our recycle partner works in accordance with BS EN: 15713-2009 Secure Destruction of Confidential Material Code of Practice ensuring all branded items are shredded and de-badged the moment they hit site safeguarding any vulnerabilities.

Any garment can be recycled. Importantly, and highlighting our commitment to improving sustainability within the industry, they do not need to be ProGARM garments. All aspects of your usual PPE or general workwear can be recycled, including, boots, gloves, safety glasses and helmets, nothing goes to landfill.

Garments returned to us do not generally need to be laundered before hand, however any items contaminated with any know carcinogenic particulates such as used firefighting equipment or asbestos suits must be laundered and decontaminated as usual before returning to us for recycling.

How is this possible?

There is a three-pronged approach to how zero landfill waste from textiles is achieved through
ProGARM Recycle. Each kind of material returned for recycling is categories and processed in 3 tiers.

Not only can we recycle end of life products helping our customers prevent landfill, we can also issue a certificate to evidence confidential destruction, waste transfer notice and an environmental management information document (Supplied Monthly or Yearly) that details the KGs recycled or saved from landfill to help you to evidence your environmental goals, this can be given as a per site breakdown if you have more than one collection site.

If you would like to know more about ProGARM RECYCLE and the best option for your individual requirements you can download the pdf or please contact us.

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