Thermal energy from an Arc Flash incident can be deadly. When someone is exposed to an Arc Flash incident, serious burns and other potentially life threatening injuries can be minimised and even avoided by effectively utilising Arc Flash garments.

An Arc Flash event may not be a daily occurrence in your business, but they are happening multiple times every working day in the UK. Risk assessment and precautions through safe working practices can be instigated by your company, and that will limit the possibility of an Arc Flash incident. These Arc Flash studies assess and analyse the risks in your working environment.

Wearing the correct Arc Flash protective garments for a specific risk level will further increase safety. There will always remain a risk, but there is significant Arc Flash protection available through wearing the correct garments. 


Arc Flash incidents are common across industries such as power generation, utilities, industrial electrical and the rail industry. Arc Flash protective clothing can help prevent serious burns and permanent injury to those working in these sectors.

If you operate in any of these five key industry sectors, you should be considering Arc Flash protection for your team.

  • Power Generation – Your team are at risk of an Arc Flash incident inside and outside power stations
  • Utilities – Workers in the field require protection from Arc Flash dangers, especially if they are breaking ground on a regular basis
  • Petrochemicals – We know that awareness of Arc Flash dangers is now an integral part of your risk assessments. Arc Flash garments are becoming the safety clothing of choice for many in this sector
  • Rail – Arc Flash protection on the railways is vital. Arc Flash protective garments are available that comply with the special requirements of UK regulations for high visibility
  • Industrial Electrical – Those working with high voltage power supplies, in distribution centres and industrial and commercial maintenance teams are all at risk of Arc Flash incidents. Make sure they are protected

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