How can you be certain ProGARM garments comply with standards?

How can you be certain ProGARM garments comply with standards?

How can you be certain that ProGARM Arc Flash garments comply with the right standards? Certification is the indicator that a product complies with the relevant health, safety and environmental protection standards, meaning the PPE you or your team are wearing should do its job should the worst happen. But what is the process we go through to make sure that every aspect of our garments complies with the right regulations and standards?

Our PPE compliance process

After a rigorous product development process our compliance specialist takes over. Kym Blee has a thing about details, so she’s the perfect person to make sure that every step of the compliance process happens as it should. 

Kym will list every single element of a garment, from the thread to the fabric and including all of the components, identifying which have already been tested and certified. Many of our products are what the industry refers to as multi-norm – that’s garments which protect the wearer from multiple risks – so Kym has to ensure she also has a list of all the relevant standards that the garment will need to comply with.

The information we hold is cross-checked and any new component for which we don’t have the relevant data is sent off to an accredited laboratory for testing, in addition to the whole garment being tested.

Compiling a compliance report

Once Kym has all of the test data and specification information she compiles a compliance report which is the basis of our application for a Module B type examination – this is the process we have to go through to receive the EU type examination certificate which allows us to display the CE mark on our products. This assures the wearer that the product conforms to relevant standards and European Regulations such as the PPE Regulations 2016/425.

We have to apply to a notified body, an accredited organisation which checks that every component of the garment plus the garment as a whole will do what it should. If the notified body is satisfied, it issues an EU type examination certificate, which demonstrates compliance. Every single product that ProGARM makes and sells holds an EU type examination certificate.

Quality checking our Arc Flash PPE garments for your peace of mind

Every single garment made for us is inspected and quality checked at the factory before being despatched to us. Then once our garments arrive at the warehouse, they are subjected to a comprehensive quality assurance process. This checks that the components on the specification are the ones that are used and all critical safety features have been included and manufactured as designed. We do random sampling to check quality on every product from every batch and across a range of sizes. The factories and ProGARM head office are audited every year by the notified body to ensure continued compliance.

Each comprehensive audit goes through garments and paperwork to cross-check every detail against ISO9001 (Quality Management System) and Module D (PPE Regulations). The audit extends through our supply chain to ensure every step in our process complies and even looks at customer satisfaction.

If you have any queries about the compliance of our personal protective equipment and garments with regulations and legislation relevant to your workplace risks give one of our friendly team a call to find out how you can be certain ProGARM Arc Flash garments comply with the right standards. 

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