Protection against rain from your Arc Flash PPE

Protection against rain from your Arc Flash PPE

Any PPE system you choose to protect your team has to be able to accommodate the variable UK weather. From being breathable to help you stay cool in warm temperatures, to protecting you from the driving rain and the cold when working at the top of a wind turbine. 

But how is that protection measured? What’s the relevant standard and why is it important? 

The British Standard for protection from rain

BS 343 2019 sets out the standards that PPE claiming to be waterproof has to meet. It also applies to snow, fog, and ground humidity. 

Garments and seams are tested for how waterproof they are and are given a rating 1-3, with 3 being the highest protection. Breathability tests are also carried out, with the same rating applied. 

Ideally your garments need to be waterproof and breathable, to ensure your people can be both protected from the rain, but able to do strenuous work and have any perspiration wicked away.

Our collection of waterproof jackets, salopettes and trousers are all rated the maximum for both waterproof and breathability properties, so they will keep you dry and allow your body to breathe. 

Why protection against rain is important

Working in cold, damp conditions isn’t only miserable, but can result in some real health impacts too. At the most extreme end, hypothermia is caused when your body temperature drops too low. You’ll get shivers, struggle to concentrate, lose co-ordination and could become confused. These aren’t the sort of symptoms you want, let alone when working on site, perhaps in charge of machinery or other equipment. 

Chillblains are another common result of being too wet for too long. Normally appearing on your face, legs, fingers and toes they are red, itchy patches caused by the inflammation of blood vessels. They can also become blisters and, if left untreated, could become infected. 

Combining protection against the rain with Arc Flash and flash fire protection

Recognising that many of our end-users work outdoors for most of the year, we’ve put together a waterproof collection to help protect them from the elements. Each garment meets the minimum Arc Flash and flash fire standards, meaning you can be waterproof and protected from these serious risks. 

We supply the collection, which includes jackets, trousers, salopettes and helmet hoods, in yellow and orange high-vis and there are both heavy and lightweight versions of the waterproofs, to account for working in colder or warmer temperatures.

To speak to one of our friendly experts about how to provide protection against the rain in your Arc Flash PPE, give us a call on 44 (0) 1482 679600 or email info@progarmcurrent.wpengine.com

Make sure that you’re specifying the right PPE for your team.

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