The arc flash hoodie that your operatives will enjoy wearing

The arc flash hoodie that your operatives will enjoy wearing

At ProGARM, we’re always improving our range of arc flash PPE which is why we’re one of the first manufacturers to launch an arc flash hoodie that is as “comfortable as wearing pyjamas”. 

What makes our arc flash hoodie different? Your employees will enjoy wearing it … in fact many already are.

Our arc flash hoodie has already been given 9.2 out of 10 in a recent user trial. We focus on the small details because the things that seem insignificant often matter the most, especially when it comes to saving lives. 

Our new ProGARM 5530 Arc Hoodie provides protection with a 13.2cal/cm2 rating, but also includes a few small details that will make a big difference. 

Our clients were looking for a garment that gave a good level of arc flash and FR protection plus they wanted something that was warm and operatives would love to wear. The feedback we had was that other similar garments on the market were just too uncomfortable to wear.

With that in mind, we set to work on designing our own hoodie using our VXS+ fabric which has a more natural feel thanks to a manufacturing process that creates flexible and comfortable fabrics. This means that our garments are often described as “being as comfortable as pyjamas”. 

Extra warm design that prevents the dangers of doubling up

The design of our hoodie will also provide warmth and protection for your teams who often work outside, which will be especially valuable to those working in the utilities sector and in the rail sector

There is an extra danger for operatives who work in colder, outdoor environments especially if they double up on clothes underneath their PPE to provide extra warmth. If an arc flash incident occurs, the materials of everyday clothes can compromise any protection and even potentially melt into an operative’s skin. Any layers worn under arc flash PPE must also be arc flash rated.

With our hoodie being made from 230gm VXS+ jersey with a brushed fleece lining it will give tremendous warmth, especially with a close fitting neck design and drawstring hood for those chilly shifts. 

Like every other ProGARM product, our hoodie has gone through a rigorous design and testing process which means that it will provide layers of protection with a 13.2cal/cm2 rating.

While we don’t recommend doubling up with everyday clothes, we truly believe in the power of protection in layers through combining ProGARM garments. When you combine our hoodie with the ProGARM’s 5280 polo shirt, it delivers results of Class 2 and 31.0cal/cm2 protection for operatives. 

There’s one more thing that we think your operatives will appreciate. Just like any other hoodie, the ProGARM 5530 Arc Hoodie has very handy front pockets, ideal for quickly storing and grabbing pencils, phones or small tools. As we said, it’s the small details that make a big difference.

You can hear our Product Manager, Adrian Jaoudat, tell you more about the garment in this 5530 Arc Flash Hoodie video and you can also take a closer look at the product and download a datasheet if you take a look at the product online.

If you need to protect your operatives then our friendly team are always on hand to advise about the right PPE for your circumstances, including our great new arc flash hoodie – give us a call on 44 (0) 1482 679600 or email info@progarmcurrent.wpengine.com

Make sure that you’re specifying the right PPE for your team.

Read our free guide on the top considerations when choosing Arc Flash clothing & PPE below and make the best choice for you and your team via the link below ⬇.

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