An Arc Flash study is a risk assessment of a workplace environment that determines Arc Flash hazards. An expert in electrical safety conducts an assessment to ensure that a company understands the risks their workplace poses to their team and how to protect against them. Assessment providers may also offer training to increase your team’s awareness and options for periodic reviews.


How big would the bang be? That is the central question that an Arc Flash study seeks to answer. Only by knowing this can you adequately protect your team against the Arc Flash risks of their working environment.

An Arc Flash study will identify areas of low risk, as well as those at high risk of an Arc Flash incident. This allows you to tailor your Arc Flash protection strategy accordingly. The study will also assess the potential severity of injury at a given distance and locate the protection boundary at which there is a severe danger of second-degree burns.

There are many facets to a successful Arc Flash assessment and generally, they are adapted to fit your specific industry and requirements. They can include Arc Flash calculations, fault level studies and comprehensive site surveys.


Companies in the UK are not currently obliged to perform Arc Flash assessments on their sites. This is in stark opposition to the USA, where there is more awareness about the dangers of Arc Flash incidents. An Arc Flash study may be optional, but the positive impact on safety within your organisation is likely to be significant.

Arc Flash protective clothing is vital to protect your team should they be at risk. An Arc Flash study will highlight what level of protection is needed, allowing you to make an informed decision about your team’s Arc Flash protective clothing requirements. Arc Flash garments are available from specialist Arc Flash and non-specialist suppliers – we believe that when lives are at stake that you should trust a specialist. All garments that are rated for Arc Flash protection conform to EN Standards, but not all Arc Flash garments are created equal.

Take a look at what it takes to create a ProGARM garment and explore how our garments protect your team, the quality and durability of our garments and how the comfort and design of our garments contribute to protecting your team.

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