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Three reasons employees disregard PPE safety policies and what you can do about it

When you need to kit out your workforce in Arc Flash safety garments that could potentially save their lives, whether it looks good probably isn’t high on your list of priorities. But it should be. The cynics of the world might think we only put so much effort into making our garments look great to make the catalogue photography look attractive. But there are three more serious reasons behind us investing in good design choices during the research and development...
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Five ways to look after your Arc Flash garments

Five ways to look after your Arc Flash garments When you work in an industry where Arc Flash and flash fire hazards are commonplace, it’s not enough to invest in the best protective clothing on the market. An informed decision about the clothing required for your team’s needs is essential, but if garments are not maintained effectively money and protection is lost. It is of vital importance that Arc Flash garments are looked after so they can take care of...
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