Arc Flash PPE that allows you to keep your cool.

Summer is just around the corner, and there are two serious risks associated with the season when it comes to wearing PPE. The most important element of specifying PPE for your teams is making sure it is fit for purpose. This means more than just having the correct levels of protection, it also means ensuring that the kit is fit for the environment in which it is being worn. This includes both extremes of weather but quite simply, in summer,...
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ProGARM and GORE-TEX Professional to unlock new levels of waterproof arc flash protection

Reaching temperatures of up to 35,000°F – four times hotter than the surface of the sun – and producing a sound louder than a gunshot, an arc flash is a truly terrifying danger that your team could be exposed to every day. Add in the effects of wet weather and other extreme conditions that can impair workers' ability to perform, and the risk of a life-threatening arc flash incident is heightened. But now workers are set to benefit from new...
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The importance of female fit PPE

Safety at work is a top priority for any business, and a key part of this is ensuring that all workers have access to correctly fitting Personal Protective Equipment. While historically it may have been that dangerous roles requiring specialist protection such as Arc Flash garments were almost always filled by men, this has not been true for many, many years. The number of women in roles where PPE is vital to their safety increases year after year, with industries such...
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WHY COMPROMISE YOUR TEAMS PROTECTION WHEN YOU CAN RECEIVE THE HIGHEST QUALITY ARC FLASH GARMENTS TOMORROW? While many other PPE suppliers manufacture to order and struggle with the lead times associated with external production, importing stock from China, Vietnam, and other faraway locations, ProGARM is proud to be different. We fully understand that your team need to be continuously protected in the field. If you require an additional set of garments or even a full re-kit at short notice, you...
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ProGARM RECYCLE is our new service giving you an easy, safe and importantly secure disposal route for all of your end of life PPE work wear. Originally developed as a way to prevent ProGARM garments becoming part of the 350,000 tonnes of textiles that go into landfill in the UK every year, ProGARM RECYCLE has progressed to ensure UK customers have a zero landfill route for all end of life PPE, not just those items bought from ProGARM. We understand that our customers are...
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