Watch: Eddie’s Story

Watch: Eddie’s Story

You may have seen a blog article from ourselves a couple of years ago about an operative who suffered an Arc Flash incident whilst at work. Fortunately, he was wearing suitable clothing and PPE which ended up saving his life and protecting him from further, more significant injury.

We were fortunate enough to meet with Eddie Smith, a Team Leader for construction firm, Clancy Docwra, and his colleagues to speak to them about the day, the incident itself and the importance of keeping people safe while at work.

The video that we created in partnership with Clancy Docwra is to be used as part of internal training for their operatives and to better educate those working around live electricity of the realities of the risks involved and also the importance of not compromising on their last line of defence.

We thought it was too important not to show you too, so please watch Eddie’s story below and feel free to share.

Thankfully, Eddie made a full recovery in the end and is now back at work. Make sure that your team can do the same.

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