Arc Flash and anti-static protection – it is possible to have both

Arc Flash and anti-static protection – it is possible to have both

If you’re working in an environment where explosions are a risk, then wearing PPE with anti-static properties is an absolute must. 

But you don’t have to compromise on the protection you choose, as a wide range of our Arc Flash workwear is also certified to EN1149-5, the European Standard for Protective Clothing – Electrostatic Properties.

Why is anti-static protection important in PPE?

It’s easy for small static charges to build up when undertaking what seem like routine tasks. If discharged they can create small sparks, which can lead to explosions. They can also cause electrical arcs – although this isn’t often the case. 

Electrostatic discharge is common in modern industrial environments because of the increased use of plastics. These hold static charges for longer periods of time, and the use of air conditioning and dry heating reduces humidity, exacerbating static electricity. 

For people working in the petrochemical sector, where the risk of explosion is very real, having anti-static properties in PPE is non-negotiable. For many other industries, such as those working with water, coal dust or other flammable liquids, anti-static PPE can provide a benefit too. 

How do our Arc Flash garments provide anti-static protection?

Static charges are often created by the friction of clothes rubbing against another surface – that could be your body, say your arm rubbing your ribs as you walk, or the furniture. They aren’t dangerous in everyday life, but in industrial environments, as well as explosions they can also cause disruption of or damage to electronic equipment.

Our range of garments with anti-static properties conform to EN1149-5, the European Standard for Protective Clothing – Electrostatic Properties. To meet the standard garments are tested in the most combustible atmosphere possible to see how they perform. 

They contain a thin carbon mesh within the fabric which disperses static charges to the ground, meaning they can’t build up to cause any kind of spark, charge or create a static shock (these garments are certified as EN1149-1). Alternatively, garments can be designed which don’t conduct the charge, but gradually disperse it into the air (these garments are awarded EN1149-3). 

Almost every garment in our range are anti-static in addition to providing protection from Arc Flash and FR for flash fire incidents. Because they meet the relevant certification requirements for each of these standards, and in fact are often certified across a number of others too they can be considered as multi-norm, protecting against a range of risks. 

Our anti-static garments are available in navy and two-tone as well as hi-vis in both yellow and orange. We have a range of garment weights as well as garments for both men and women.  

To chat to one of our friendly experts about how it’s possible to have both the benefits of anti-static and Arc Flash protection in your workwear, call us on 44 (0) 1482 679600 or email info@progarmcurrent.wpengine.com

Make sure that you’re specifying the right PPE for your team.

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