Five ways Arc Flash PPE saves lives

Five ways Arc Flash PPE saves lives

There’s no disputing the danger posed by arc flash incidents, but you might not realise just how our personal protective equipment keeps you safe – here’s five ways Arc Flash PPE saves lives.

1 – ProGARM’s Arc Flash PPE protects you from internal burns caused by the energy in an arc flash incident

At the right cal rating  (as dictated by your Arc Flash hazard assessment), ProGARM’s PPE will insulate you, stopping the electrical energy created by the incident using your body as a conductor and causing serious internal burns.

2 – ProGARM garments instantly extinguish

An Arc Flash incident could easily start a fire, meaning workers could be exposed to this additional risk. Our VXS+ fabric with inherent protection instantly extinguishes itself if it is set on fire, meaning the chances of being severely burned are reduced. Take a look at a video comparing treated cotton, Aramid blend garments and our own inherent fabrics here. Critically, ProGARM’s Arc Flash garments don’t only protect you from fire, but from the electrical hazards of an Arc Flash incident too.

3 – Our ThermSAFE fastenings don’t melt or fail, meaning clothing can be safely removed

We use materials used by the military in our ThermSAFE poppers, zips, Velcro and other fastenings to ensure that every millimetre of your ProGARM Arc Flash PPE does its life-saving job. The high temperatures created by Arc Flash incidents can cause standard fastenings to fail or melt shut. Our fastenings are fully flame-resistant and are made using military-grade polymers that are tested to ensure their resistance to heat. Our ThermSAFE Velcro has also been tested to ensure it complies with Anti-Static standard EN 1149-5.

4 – Our fabrics have inherent protection, so they offer as much protection one year later as they did on day one

Our VXS+ fabric has Arc Flash protection inherent within every thread. The protective qualities aren’t sprayed on afterwards, allowing them to fade through washing and wearing. Our VXS+ Fabrics have been certified for 50 washes according to ISO15797 – exceeding the 5 washes and dries stipulated by EN11612 – so you can be sure the protection endures. Clients report our PPE lasts much longer than previous brands they have used – up to 70 times longer in one case!

5 – They are super-comfortable

You might not see the link between comfort and safety, but PPE can only do its job if worn properly, with cuffs pulled down, and zips and fastenings done up to the top. Our experts know that any PPE must make it easier for enable workers to do their job, not hinder it. We’ve worked hard on special features such as moving seams further down jackets so that equipment can easily be carried over the shoulder, and work trousers with a range of pockets and loops to enable tools to be carried or attached. We even have a high-vis range available in yellow and orange and Arc Flash PPE designed specifically for women (we don’t just do pink and shrink!)

These are just five ways that Arc Flash PPE saves lives – if you want to see a real-life example of our Arc Flash PPE in action, watch this moving video about Eddie Smith, a team leader for construction firm Clancy Docwra who was caught in an Arc Flash incident in 2019. 

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