VXS+ GO/RT Fabrics for Railway Workers

VXS+ GO/RT Fabrics for Railway Workers

Updated: 22.04.15
Achieving certification to the EN 11612 Heat & Flame standard along with the EN471 Hi-Vizibility standard (now EN ISO20471) and GO/RT/3279 Railway requirements had always been a challenge for fabric producers due to the simple fact that Hi-Vizibility generally requires a fabric containing polyester yet polyester fabrics are not the best performing fabrics against heat and flame.

Using modern weaving processes, these fabrics are now available and are included in ProGARM’s garments including models:

4690 Coverall
4616 Trouser
4608 Jacket
5648 Sweatshirt
5290 Polo Shirt

Not only do these fabrics meet the requirements for EN471/EN ISO20471 Hi-Vizibility but we have now achieved certification to the GO/RT 3279 standard for rail workers which demands a higher level of performance.

The latest GO/RT 3279 Standard is Issue 8 and is available to download from the Downloads page of this website.

EN471 or EN ISO20471?
Certification to the EN ISO20471 Hi-Vizibility standard launched at the end of 2013 has now been achieved for several of the ProGARM fabric and Garments and during the course of 2015 garments in the collection will be upgraded to meet the requirements of this new standard. Click here to find out more about the EN ISO 20471 Hi-Vizibility Standard.